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Spreading the Table

On the Opening night of "Taaruhat Erev" (A word play of exhibition opening & dinner in Hebrew), guests sat infront of the smiley, rosey cheeked, wine infused, bubblegum blowing, speechless, flirty host,

If one sat long enough for the hostess to vigorously shine a complete set of cutlery and set it beside the  broken up set of plates and glasses, she would then reach down under her skirt and pull out a little plate with a very pink cast of her teeth and expect you to eat them...

The napkin depicts a photographic etching reproduction of "The Fisherman's Wife's Dream" by Hokusai, printed in cuttlefish ink.

Curated by Dan Waich, Liat Eitan, Joanna Jones.

3 hour performance.
"Taaruhat Erev". Curated by Dan Waich, Liat Eitan, Joanna Jones.
"Herzl 140", TLV, 2015.
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