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Spacious Space מרחב מרווח

In a magical garden between buildings, I explored the possibility of uniting, expanding & harmonizing (more and less) between my worlds.
To the sound of a drum beat, I danced, tuning into the vibrations of nature - my inner kind, the vegetative, and the urban kind.
Arranging my collected treasures - from the city and nature- becoming them, to create a spacious space of dedication to everyday life. Dancing the spaces between things. Watching the quietness between beats...

Evening long site-specific Installation, Jaffa, 2020.
"מרימים את השאלטר", an outdoor exhibition in the Noga neigbourhood.
Curated by Meital Manor. Live original music by Faye Shapiro.

Photography by Eyal Tagar, Faye Shapiro & Hezi Adri.

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