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Rectification Square 

Under the COVID_19 quarantine (that made art exhibitions basically illegal), an art exhibition invited artists to create art in the 500 m range of their homes. Thus hosting artistic actions in public space, scattered across the city, during the Holiday of Shavuot.

The work was created s a sort of response to the religious expectation of Jews to study the Torah all night in what is known as "Rectification for Shavuot Night". 

The square - an anchor in the public space, a busy traffic axis, with no direct visitors, around which a varied reality occurs. Could it become a space that is truly connected to nature? Could it resonate with the same aspect of worship? The action will invite the viewers to stop for a moment, observe in depth, and stay in a space where they usually pass only to reach somewhere else. Could it become an intimate space of convergence, adjustment and wonder, where with the right intentions, a new and fruitful reality can emerge?

Documentation by Dana Meirson, Din Aharoni Roland.

Three days & whole night long site-specific Installation, Jaffa, 2020.
"Exit Strategy", art directed by Renana Raz, Daphna Karon & Merav Perez.
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