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NO SEX ללא מין

While going in and out of my studio in Florentine neigbourhood, I couldn't avoid noticing Sex Industry cards, spread on the pavement in large quantities daily. I started collecting them, following the traces like a private detective. 

I tried to deal with the deep feelings they brought up in me, flowing between deep disgust & arrousment.

6 min Video. "SPA Massage" projected looping on a laptop.
100x120 cm. "NO SEX ללא מין", Deleted cards, perspex sheets.
50x50x50 cm. "Confetti", Borders of "Globs" buisness newspaper, glue, hand
cut heart shaped confetti, sweets.
Group exhibition “Taaruhat Banot”, Meshuna Gallery at Beit Romano, TLV. 2016.
Curated by Oren Fischer & Anton Abramov. 
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