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Security Self

For the first year final seminar presentation, the crowd of student and teachers were invited to line up, each gender in a que line of sparkely hoola hoops, while the stewerdess hoola hooped her private 1 m space with a huge smile, until it fell. The crowd then proceeded to meet the extremely kind, over polite, open shirted stewerd and stewerdess, who inturn gave each & every one a thorough, intimate yet cold body search (as the kind police holds prior to leading suspects into an arresting cell). Once checked, each received a snap-on bracelet, and were led courteously into a back room, all insulated with yellow shiney materials. When there was no one left to inspect, the stewerds simply left. 

The alarm was set off during the whole period.

20 min long performance.
Shenkar College Art Department, 2011.
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